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Transcriptions South Africa

Fast, accurate English audio & video transcriptions at very competitive rates!

Transcriber Gloria Cooper has been providing English transcription from audio recordings of legal matters, seminars, workshops and interviews of research in a wide variety of studies since 2006.

  • Confidentiality guaranteed.
  • Excellent references.
  • Efficiently and accurately presented transcriptions with regular highlighted timestamps.
  • Excellent turnaround time.

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Transcription Rates

1. Audio Marked Transcriptions

Full detailed transcription with red brackets [..] where sound is inaudible.

R16 per recorded minute*


3. Timecoded & Audio Marked Transcriptions

Full detailed transcription with red time stamps every 5 minutes e.g. [05:00]; inaudible sections or words marked with a red time stamp e.g. [16:32]

R20 per recorded minute*


* Additional service fee may be charged for transcriptions of recordings of very poor audio quality.

Transcription Services Offered:

* Additional fees may apply where there are four or more voices in a recording.


References & Testimonials

‘For the past year I have asked Ms Gloria Cooper to transcribe many interviews in digital format for me, as part of a large-scale education policy study. I have also referred many of my post-graduate students to her to transcribe their research interviews.
The quality of the work which Gloria has produced in all these instances, is excellent. Her work is accurate, produced within the agreed time frames and she does it in a most respectful manner. I am very pleased with what she has completed for my students and myself and will continue to ask her to do work for me and I will continue to refer students to her.
It is a pleasure to have such competence available.’

- ERIC ATMORE, Adjunct Associate Professor, Dept of Social Development, UCT

‘I highly recommend the transcription work of Gloria Cooper who has painstakingly transcribed approximately 10 interviews for me, the audio files of which I email to her. Although it is time consuming work, she ensures that she painstakingly records every word, marks unclear words as such and sends back the transcription to me within a remarkably short period of time.

The transcriptions have to be suitable for me and also acceptable to the Wits History Workshop. I therefore consider myself lucky to have found such a reliable person and do not hesitate to recommend her work to anyone who is involved in either academic or any other type of work.’

- Dr Pat Gibbs (Ph.D, Rhodes University)

‘Gloria is the best transcriber we have used, providing work of the highest quality, which is excellent value for money. She turns jobs around quickly, is flexible, extremely thorough and highly professional. We recommend her very highly to any business, organisation or individual needing transcription services.’

- Catherine Black & Belinda Mountain, Directors, Black Mountain Agency

‘I have known Ms Gloria Cooper for over two years now, I would highly recommend [her] for transcription work. Ms Cooper assisted me with my Phd research. She is amazingly efficient and accurate in her work with exceptional turnaround time in getting transcription work back to a client. Ms Cooper is dedicated to giving the best customer service possible. She has gone beyond the call of duty in getting translation of transcription that was in another language and I truly appreciate that. I would recommend her services to anyone needing transcription work done.’

- Muriel Mushariwa, Senior lecturer at the University of Witwatersrand, School of Law

‘I recommend Gloria's services to anyone who needs transcribing work done. Gloria is efficient, timely and flexible. She is also easily contactable which helps when it comes to emailing transcription work back and forth. The transcriptions are always completely accurate and it is clear that Gloria transcribes in a pedantic manner - which made the work on my side much easier. On top of all these positives, Gloria's services are both reasonable and affordable. I really appreciate all the effort she put in!’

- Bridget Clampett, Student


Click to view a letter of recommendation by Eric Atmore, Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Social Development, University of Cape Town

Click to view a letter of recommendation by Muriel Mushariwa, Senior Lecturer in Law, School of Law, University of Witwatersrand

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