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Transcription Services FAQ

Questions our transcription clients frequently ask:

Q: How do I send my sound files for transcription to you?

A: It depends on the file's format and size. Generally sending via DropBox or WeTransfer suits our transcription clients' needs.

Q: What is the turnaround time for transcriptions?

A: For an hour long recording dependant on sound quality transcription takes approximately 10 hours or more to complete.

Q: How much do your transcriptions cost?

A: See below for current transcription rates and packages available for our transcription service.

Q: I need a transcription, how do I start?

A: Email Gloria with your contact information, the duration of your recording to be transcribed and any other details that may be important, or use the transcription quotation form. Gloria will contact you as soon as possible with further information.

Transcription Rates

1. Audio Marked Transcriptions

Full detailed transcription with red brackets [..] where sound is inaudible.

R16 per recorded minute*


3. Timecoded & Audio Marked Transcriptions

Full detailed transcription with red time stamps every 5 minutes e.g. [05:00]; inaudible sections or words marked with a red time stamp e.g. [16:32]

R20 per recorded minute*


* Additional service fee may be charged for transcriptions of recordings of very poor audio quality.